Sunday, March 29, 2009

On Living a Longer Life

Recently I wondered aloud just how far people would go to extend their lives.

After a little thought, I decided I'd write a piece about it on HubPages.
Today I published that article, or "hub" if you're familiar with that term .

Here on my blog it occurred to me to write something on the subject -- after getting a good tip from my friend Compu-Smart who helps me a lot on any subject relating to computers (He's a prominent writer on HubPages himself.
My "hub" puts a number of questions to readers relating to just how far they would go -- given an opportunity -- to add years or even decades to their lives.
Fundamentally, the hub specifically asks whether the reader would give up some or all of the common temptations encountered in life -- if one could bargain for this with one's creator.
So I'm asking you (in an abbreviated form): Would you give up ice cream, carousing at nightclubs, drinking coffee or eating steak and lobster? Would you be willing to give up traveling to exotic locations, eating out or drinking booze? How about giving up illegal drugs (if that's your inclination), your political views or religious persuasions or even sex in return for a specified number of years or decades of longer life?
In my hub, sacrificing each one of these temptations would reward you with a specific period of longer life, but you could achieve the whole ball of wax if you were willing to give up all of them!
It may seem a little dull, but in all honesty I must say that I, personally, would not sacrifice any of these temptations (although not all of them would be a true sacrifice for me at all.)
You might find it interesting to visit HubPages and answer each of the questions posed on my hub. If you do, I hope you will respond to my poll on the site.

The overall results could be revealing!
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